2009 or earlier

Nun doll, known as Nun a-wading  Figurine – Nun a-wading

Desk buddies - two winged pig figurines  Figurine set – Pigs could fly

Tile - pale green tile with design of darker green vines and purple flowers  Tile – Flowering vine

Coaster tiles - set of three ivory coasters. Left to right: artist's palette with rainbow paints and brush, alternate artist's palette with rainbow paints and brush, rainbow swirl being painted by brush  Tile set – Paint the rainbow

Coaster set - stencil ducks; left-to-right: Mallard duck, brown duck, grey duck, white duck  Tile set – Duck duck duck…

Coaster with monarch butterfly stencil design  Tile – Monarch of the woods

Coaster with stencil design of Essendon AFL team logo  Tile – So, how about that local sporting team

Coaster set of 5, stencil design of chooks. Left-to-right: Rhode Island Red rooster, white hen, black hen, brown hen, baby chick  Tile set – Hey chickadee!

Coaster - autumn fruit basket stencil design  Tile set – Nature’s bounty

Owl and Pussycat magnet set - Pea-green boat  Magnet set – The Owl and the Pussycat

Annabella's initial magnet - a capital 'A' made of white pearl, with a brown teddy bear holding pastel pink, blue, purple and green balloons, and alphabet blocks spelling 'BEL' with a rubber ball  Magnet – A is for Annabella

Stencil coaster - sewn rose tile  Tile – A rose by any other name…



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