Figurine – Pika pika


Pikachu - full-size view 

Normally I don’t make anything using copyrighted images – especially not using such highly recognisable designs! Certainly I will never make anything requiring reproduction rights for the Etsy store – this is designed to be a fun money-earner, not land me in court!

However, a friend’s nephew had asked for a Pokemon cake for his birthday, and the friend asked if I could make a Pikachu to go with it. The plan was to make him out of fondant – but I tried for about three hours before giving up in frustration. The fondant was far too soft and collapsed under its own weight.

But I’d promised a Pikachu – so I made one out of Sculpey instead. He stands about 10cm (4 inches) high from the top of his head to his paws (the ears add a little extra height, of course). I’m told he now has a pride of place in the boy’s collection of Pokemon figurines.

Pikachu - side view of left

Pikachu - back view

Pikachu - close-up


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