Mini tile set – McLaren Crafts logo

Silhouette tiles, McLaren Crafts logo, two tiles with black against ivory, five with ivory against black

One of the first designs I came up with when I started toying with the idea of turning my hobby into a money-earner was a logo for the business. I wanted a design that captured my personal aesthetic and that appealed to my great loves.

Of course, one of my great loves is my gorgeous cat, Nazilla:

Me and Nazilla, my pet cat, when she was a four-month-old kitten

I’ve always loved cats, and I’m especially lucky in Nazilla who is a lovely, personable, and very intelligent creature.

Another thing I’ve always loved and always found appealing is ivy. Ivy is something of a pest here in Australia, but I love the look of ivy-covered buildings and walls.

Something else that really appeals to my aesthetic is the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. I love the flowing lines and graceful beauty of Art Nouveau creations – every Art Nouveau design I’ve ever seen has just resonated for me so much. And the simplicity of Art Deco – especially anything created by Charles Rennie Mackintosh – is something I’ve tried to capture with the design of this blog site.

So the combination of those three elements of cat, ivy and Art Nouveau, just seemed perfect for me.

Silhouette tiles, McLaren logo of cat sitting beneath ivy, black on ivory

Each tile is about 4cm square. The ivory clay has a lot of Sculpey Ultra Light mixed through, making it a wonderfully light end-result that works equally well as a magnet, a brooch or a pendant.

And better still, the design is completely reversible:

Silhouette tiles, McLaren Crafts logo with cat sitting under ivy, ivory on black


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