Bead – Mother and Child

Mother and Child bead - close-up

This was a lovely little project – and you can see just how little! This bead was about 2.5 cm in length (1 inch), and only 2cm across. I made it for another friend of mine who was about to give birth. She had asked for beads to make up a ‘birthing necklace’ she would wear during labour.

This design came to me after I started thinking about primitive fertility goddess designs. I love the voluptuous roundness of it, and the way the arms framing the baby forms almost a love-heart shape. I chose the colours to symbolise specific things: the brown to symbolise richness, fertility, “Mother Nature”, and the green to symbolise freshness, new growth, the first buds of spring.

Mother and Child bead - side-view of left

Mother and Child bead - side view of right



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