Pixie power magnet set - Rose Pixie, three-quarter view from left  Magnet set – Pixie power

Mother and Child bead - close-up  Bead – Mother and Child

Pikachu - close-up  Figurine – Pika pika…

Fruit and veg magnet set - grumpy pumpkin  Magnet set – Fruit and veg with attitude

Cat-mera - Cat-turtle or Chelonicat  Magnet set – Cat-meras

Cats and yarn magnet set - Lilac point burmese magnet, side view  Magnet set – Cats and yarn

Hey chickadee coaster set - set of four coasters with stencil designs of chickens. Clockwise from top-left: White Sussex hen, Black Australian Orpington chick, Wheaten French Marans hen and Rhode Island Red rooster  Tile set – Hey chickadee (a reprise)


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