Magnet set – Cat-meras

Stolen shamelessly from Inspired by the Johnny Wander comic Cat-meras!

Cat-mera - Cat-turtle or Chelonicat

I love the whimsy of merging two creatures together like this, especially in such a cartoony way! Looking at the comic again just reminds me how much I want to try to make a whole series for myself.

I have to emphasise, this magnet set was made purely for my own amusement, and without permission from Yuko Ota or Ananth Panagiriya, who own copyright for Johnny Wander and all original artwork created for it.

Cat-mera magnet set - Cat Turtle or Chelonicat, front view

Cat-mera - Ladybug Cat or Coccinellidaecat (Nellicat for short), front view

Cat-mera magnet set - Ladybug Cat or Nellicat, top view



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