Tile set – Hey chickadee (a reprise)

Hey chickadee coaster set - set of four coasters with stencil designs of chickens. Clockwise from top-left: White Sussex hen, Black Australian Orpington chick, Wheaten French Marans hen and Rhode Island Red rooster

After a co-worker saw photos of the chickens coaster set I made in 2009, she commissioned a set of the same design as a wedding gift for some friends of hers who were – in her words – nuts about chickens.

Apparently the happy couple liked the coasters so much they decided to have them mounted and framed instead of using them!

This was the first time I successfully used the inlay technique for a stencil design – until now, all of my stencils had the colours laid on top of the base. This made for an unstable coaster surface. The new inlay technique meant the coaster itself was thicker and the surface smooth enough to use for putting mugs, cups or glasses on.

Hey chickadee coaster set - Rhode Island Red rooster

Hey chickadee coaster set - White Sussex hen

Hey chickadee coaster set - Wheaten French Marans hen

Hey chickadee coaster set - Australorp baby chick




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