Gallery updated (again)

I’m still very excited about having sent my Etsy store live – and it’s been a bit of a mad scramble making sure everything else is up to date as well.

So I’m very happy to say that the Gallery pages have been completely updated for April 2012 (thus far, anyway – I have a few more ideas cooking!).

You can find the lovely little toadstool pendants…

Mini toadstool pendant with gold eye loop and jump-ring against ivy - number 2

the inlaid heart pendants…

Heart-shaped pendant in dusk-rose pink with darker pink design embedded and silver leaf-bail against ivy

and my beloved autumnal designs with a brand new look!

Small round autumnal silhouette series pendant - ivory branches and leaves inlaid into green base with silver bail, against red-brick and ivy

Large round autumnal silhouette series pendant with ivory fox inlaid into copper-coloured base and gold leaf-bail, on red-brick and ivy