It’s aliiiiiiiiiive!

Yep. McLaren Crafts is actually still alive! The little crafter that could still can… with some changes.

I have… well, not precisely ‘plans’. Plans are grandiose (or at least well-thought-out). Plans involve some sort of strategy. I don’t have plans.

What I do have are nebulous, half-formed ideas for revamping this blog and sharing my new crafting projects and interests with you.

I also have a backlog of completed projects I’ve been meaning to share!

So stay tuned – there will be developments afoot! Plus a makeover. And who doesn’t love a good makeover?


And this is why I don’t make resolutions…

I’ve been very quiet here of late, haven’t I?

I had a vague intention of updating this blog at least once a week, with news, chats, stories or just random things that inspired or interested me.

Unfortunately, life then happened. Partly in the form of a rather uncomfortable wait for approval from my employer to keep McLaren Crafts going – a wait that definitely had me feeling anxious!

However, I’m happy to say that I’ve got the approval, and don’t have to find out what I would have done if they hadn’t given it.

I’ve also completely rearranged a lot of my living space, which unfortunately means my crafting workspace is rather covered at the moment.

However, here’s a sneak peek at a new design I’ve been working on: Phoenix Feather!

Phoenix feather purple pendant before baking

Phoenix feather jade green pendant before baking

I’m really happy with this design – it all started with a doodle I started playing with while having a cup of hot chocolate with friends. I was playing with the shapes of feathers, candle flames and water drops, and arrived at this beautiful Art Deco-esque design.

I’ll be making it in a lot of different colours, as both pendants and brooches, so stay tuned!

I’ve also bought myself a new laptop (which is wonderful, such a good keyboard and SO much faster than my 3-year-old netbook!) and a new camera. I’m really looking forward to playing with the camera and seeing how the product shots turn out!

Well hello there!

Welcome to the first ever post for my brand spanking new McLaren Crafts blog.

This blog will be a showcase of things I’ve made that may be listed on my soon-to-be-launched Etsy store, that will never be listed on my Etsy store, or that have previously been listed and sold.

It will be a gallery of my creations.

It will be a place to share stories – stories about making stuff, about what inspires me, about horrible disasters, about cool new techniques and tools.

It will be a way to answer customer questions.

Above all, it will be a place for me to ramble (probably at length) about all things Mclaren Crafty.