Phoenix Feathers now on Etsy

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the “Phoenix Feather” pendants fare on my Etsy shop. I’ve currently got Purple, Teal, Ashes & Rose and Rose & Gold pendants up for sale.

I’m especially pleased with the way these product photos turned out, as well:


We have lift-off!

I am proud, thrilled, excited, [insert choice of hyperbolic verb here] to announce that the McLaren Crafts Etsy store has now launched!

Where you can purchase all sorts of pretty things, such as:

Mini toadstool pendant with silver eye loop and jump-ring against ivy - number 2

Or you can buy:

Heart-shaped pendant in dusk-rose pink with darker pink design embedded and silver leaf-bail against ivy

Not to mention the autumnal magnet sets, and a whole bunch of autumnal pendants!

And the fun is just starting! Next up come figurines, more pendants, brooches, magnets, coasters…

My head is buzzing with designs for cats, teapots, ladybugs, bees, TARDISes and TARDIS-shaped notebook pendants (I love a challenge), LEGO minifigures (like I said, a challenge) and so much more!

Best yet – is there something you’d like me to make? Send an email to, or contact me through the Etsy store, send me pictures that represent what you’d like me to make, and we’ll figure something out!

(Bear in mind, I won’t make anything that is an exact replica of a licensed or copyrighted image/sculpture/etc, unless you can prove that you’re the owner of the license or copyright. I don’t want to get sued, that’d spoil all the fun.)