It’s aliiiiiiiiiive!

Yep. McLaren Crafts is actually still alive! The little crafter that could still can… with some changes.

I have… well, not precisely ‘plans’. Plans are grandiose (or at least well-thought-out). Plans involve some sort of strategy. I don’t have plans.

What I do have are nebulous, half-formed ideas for revamping this blog and sharing my new crafting projects and interests with you.

I also have a backlog of completed projects I’ve been meaning to share!

So stay tuned – there will be developments afoot! Plus a makeover. And who doesn’t love a good makeover?


Returning after LONG absence

Good heavens, it’s been nearly two years since I posted here!

And the thing is, I haven’t been idle – not one bit. Just posting through a different medium, I suppose.

Most of my progress pictures and posts have been on Facebook, lately – it’s ideal for quick, easy posts, photo uploads, etc.

However, it’s also the lazy option, and not ideally suited to providing long posts.

What I’m intending to do over the next few weeks is pull together posts about a number of different projects I’ve completed since the Phoenix Feathers (which are still available on my Etsy shop page!).

Most notably, I want to post about Newton Barnaby Jones III, the dragon plaque commission, the practice unicorn and Bran ap Hywel. And hopefully, once those posts are up, those names will make you smile as much as they make me proud.

More feathery inspirations

After briefly mentioning in my last post the new “Phoenix Feather” design I came up with, I got hit by another inspiration during this last week:

Specifically, I wanted to see what those gorgeous peacock colours would look like for the “Mod Circles” brooch and pendant designs:

Well, tune in later this week and you’ll find out! I’m pretty happy with it. Now to purchase some mica powders and experiment with iridescent effects!

And this is why I don’t make resolutions…

I’ve been very quiet here of late, haven’t I?

I had a vague intention of updating this blog at least once a week, with news, chats, stories or just random things that inspired or interested me.

Unfortunately, life then happened. Partly in the form of a rather uncomfortable wait for approval from my employer to keep McLaren Crafts going – a wait that definitely had me feeling anxious!

However, I’m happy to say that I’ve got the approval, and don’t have to find out what I would have done if they hadn’t given it.

I’ve also completely rearranged a lot of my living space, which unfortunately means my crafting workspace is rather covered at the moment.

However, here’s a sneak peek at a new design I’ve been working on: Phoenix Feather!

Phoenix feather purple pendant before baking

Phoenix feather jade green pendant before baking

I’m really happy with this design – it all started with a doodle I started playing with while having a cup of hot chocolate with friends. I was playing with the shapes of feathers, candle flames and water drops, and arrived at this beautiful Art Deco-esque design.

I’ll be making it in a lot of different colours, as both pendants and brooches, so stay tuned!

I’ve also bought myself a new laptop (which is wonderful, such a good keyboard and SO much faster than my 3-year-old netbook!) and a new camera. I’m really looking forward to playing with the camera and seeing how the product shots turn out!

I’m not quiet, I’m busy!

I’ve been pretty quiet here lately, but not because I’ve stopped working on McLaren Crafts – quite the opposite!

I’ve been spending a LOT of time making new things for the Etsy store. In fact, I’ve been spending so much time making things, I haven’t even had time to photograph and list them!

I’ll list the items and update the galleries soon (gosh, April was a productive month!) – so if you come back in a few days, you’ll see new mini pendants (including a number of gorgeous “Spoilers!” pendants I am VERY proud of) and my new “Circle of seasons” series of brooches and pendants.

And next up will be MORE pendants and brooches, as well as some figurines and magnets.

Gallery – all pics have been put up!

The galleries are now completely updated, with a few last photos added to the 2009 or earlier gallery, and all photos added to the 2011 gallery.

Mind you, looking at how long those pages have become, I’m tempted to try and make pages dedicated to each project, with thumbnails on the gallery pages…

Oh well, websites are meant to evolve!

The other thing I’ve really noticed is how plain or poor quality some of the photos are. I really need to invest in a decent digital camera, and start playing with composition shots to show off the things I make better. I’ve got some lovely things I can use as background props, I just need to work out the best way to compose these shots. And get a decent camera to take them with, instead of just using my phone…