Returning after LONG absence

Good heavens, it’s been nearly two years since I posted here!

And the thing is, I haven’t been idle – not one bit. Just posting through a different medium, I suppose.

Most of my progress pictures and posts have been on Facebook, lately – it’s ideal for quick, easy posts, photo uploads, etc.

However, it’s also the lazy option, and not ideally suited to providing long posts.

What I’m intending to do over the next few weeks is pull together posts about a number of different projects I’ve completed since the Phoenix Feathers (which are still available on my Etsy shop page!).

Most notably, I want to post about Newton Barnaby Jones III, the dragon plaque commission, the practice unicorn and Bran ap Hywel. And hopefully, once those posts are up, those names will make you smile as much as they make me proud.


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