Gallery – autumnal silhouettes

Autumn has just begun here in Melbourne. Along with spring, it’s my favourite season of the year.

I love early autumn especially, with its cool crispness to the air, calm sunny days and – best of all, for me – an end to the summer heat.

Of course, here in Melbourne we have a lot of native evergreen trees, so we don’t get quite the same spectacular range of colours as in Europe and North America. But there are a few deciduous transplants here and there, so there are patches around the city where the foliage turns lovely shades of yellow, orange and red.

Those colours inspired the ‘autumnal creatures’ set:

Silhouette tiles, autumnal creatures set, clockwise from top: ivory owl on gold, ivory leaf on green, ivory fox on copper red, ivory squirrel on bronze

This is a set of magnets measuring about 4cm square – you can see the full description and photo range in the March 2012 gallery.

I loved the colours so much (and made so much of the custom colour-blend for the backgrounds) that I couldn’t resist making another set, ‘autumnal cats’:

Silhouette tiles, autumnal cats set, clockwise from top left: prowling cat against gold, playing cat against green, sitting cat against maple red, stretching cat against coppery bronze

I particularly love the marbling effect in the ivory clay. I created it by mixing translucent clay through the ivory base in swirls, before rolling the clay flat so I could trace and cut out the shapes.

These will be for sale once the Etsy store goes live, as well as the same designs in brooches and pendants – I may even go nuts and try the silhouettes on different coloured backgrounds!

Speaking of going crazy, I now want to develop colour schemes and creature sets for winter, spring and summer as well!


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