Gallery under construction

I’m in the process of creating a series of Gallery pages, which you can access through the ‘Gallery’ link above this post, right next to ‘About McLaren Crafts’.

The ‘Gallery’ page will eventually house a series of small thumbnail links to other gallery pages. These pages are broken down by a date of creation and ordered newest to oldest. Right now, I’m constructing them in the reverse order.

2009 or earlier showcases my oldest creations, and this will be the longest gallery page by far – but well worth checking out! There are some wonderful designs in there that I’m already thinking of repeating.

The next page to be built will be ‘Made in 2010’ – which will, sadly, be pretty short – followed by ‘Made in 2011’.

Then the real fun begins! Starting with ‘March 2012’, I will begin establishing monthly gallery pages, and will add my creations as I go.

Gallery posts will start linking to these pages, rather than embedding the photos directly in each post and artificially doubling the size of the website.

So don’t forget to keep coming back and checking on the gallery pages – there’s heaps more to come!


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